*Busy Sem 2*

Fight in with those project. Busy semester 2.

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*Online AD three*

The AD that come from yahoo.

Had buy two side, and when our mouse touch the ad it become big.

And it show the detail cleary, it can replay too!

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*Online AD two*

A ad on the forum.

When visitant go to the website, it will appear. It will hold about 15

second then disappear.

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*Online AD one*

The ad had buy two side.

With the website is provide information to public, so they put this campaign here.

Two side, attract more people to pay attention to the campaign.

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*BODW & Exhibition Photos*

Here are some photos take in the bodw and the exhibition.



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* Outdoor AD three*

The ad on the ground.

It like there really have a cave and icecream.

Here are a funny visual effect the people that which is really like stand on the icecream.

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*Outdoor AD two*

The ad about seat.

The way to present the seat is funny.

And bring out the message is the seat are safety.

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